IOD Day Blog

IOD Blog – Andrew Freitas (8)
The day started with us going to the OGH to meet Alistair Stewart for afternoon snacks and drinks while we spoke to him about our current feelings on how the island is being run and what we would like to see change. Alistair was very good at getting the information he wanted out of us and got us to give our honest views and opinions on what was going on with the education system as well as where the money was being spent within the States. This lunch went on from 12am-2pm and I then went home for an hour before going to the main IOD event.
     Being one of the first students to turn up to the IOD event, along with the other student form my college, it was nice to see where our table was going to be as well as what other companies were going to be present in the room with us. Form about 4 p.m. till 5 p.m. we started to see many people turn up to the even form various backgrounds and various companies. We met a few people as well as regrouping with the rest …